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About CA Pradeep Verma

PRADEEP VERMA & ASSOCIATES is leading chartered Accountancy firm has been established by CA Pradeep Verma in 2012. A pioneer in tax filing, Company registration services, Auditing Services Business Consultancy, Accounting Services, Tax Consultancy. Our firm provides you with a wide range of taxation and accounting services. We also offer a simple and systematic approach to register your business ideas with a legally acknowledged venture.

We enable your business goals to help you with legal protocols w.r.t. Company registration, statutory approvals, filing annual reports, Secretarial Compliances and other business compliances. Our board of business advisory will proficiently help you with long-term business growth and sustainability.

Our team includes a gamut of qualified industry experts has worked for more than two decades as an Indian Taxation and Legal system professionals. The experienced chartered accountants, lawyers, company secretaries, Influencers, IT professionals, and bankers in our team, provides a one-stop advanced taxation & accounting solutions to our clientele.

Our network of experts maximizes business efficiency with fast, inexpensive, convenient company formation, management, and consulting services. We drive economical solutions with the least fuss. Our progressive step-by-step approach enables small, medium, and large scale businesses of all industry verticals fulfilling compliance essentials of Indian Laws.

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Why Choose Us

Expert Team

Our skilled and experienced professionals are the forefront of our quality delivery mechanism. Backed by tremendous industry exposure, they believe in helping clients in all related matters in a proficient and reliable way.

On Time Delivery

We know that on-time delivery is one of the most important things to consider when dealing in legal matters. That's why we go the extra mile to meet our delivery time commitments to you.

Transparent Pricing

We promise that our prices will always be completely transparent; we promise that all charges will be clearly explained. There will never be any dodgy deals with taxDoctor.

Tech Driven Platform

Technology driven online service delivery when and where you need it. A team of industry experts to assure you of integrity and authenticity of checks. No Spam. No Sharing. 100% Confidentiality.


In all our endeavors, we strive to maintain high level of information confidentiality. For us, it is prerequisite and all our communication activities ensure that there is no data leak or security breach at either end.

3K+ Clients

It is our stronghold in business services landscape that makes us the most sought after choice for our esteemed clients. And we leave no stone turned to make business incorporation and management easy for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are different types of Companies ?

The following are the types of companies that can be registered in India
a. Private Limited Company
b. Public Limited Company
c. Unlimited Liability Company
d. Non profit Organisations (Generally known as Sec.25 Companies)

What is a Non profit Organizations (Generally known as Sec.25 Companies)?

Sec.25 Company is formed for the purpose of promoting commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful objects and not with the object of making profit. Registration of such companies require prior permission from the Central Government and the words 'Private Limited' or 'Limited' can be dispensed from the name.

What is a Digital Signature?

Digital Signature is a legally recognized method of signing documents electronically. A digital signature is a type of asymmetric cryptography used to simulate the security properties of a handwritten signature on paper. Digital signature schemes normally give two algorithms, one for signing which involves the user's secret or private key, and one for verifying signatures which involves the user's public key. The output of the signature process is called the "Digital Signature".

What is a Registration of Digital Signature / Role Check ?

The Digital Signature of a person has to be registered against the DIN with the MCA. Registration of DIN with MCA is a prerequisite for accepting the forms signed with the Digital Signature. Role Check is being done to map the DSC with the respective DIN.